Friday, July 28, 2017

Phyllis Chadwick Artwork on Display at Kent Public Library

Artist Statement for Phyllis Chadwick

I am very eclectic in my art and feel “there are so many art forms and so little time”. I sometimes describe myself as a child in a candy store trying to choose a favorite. My beginnings in the art world started with photography and sewing. I moved into crafts, fiber arts and painting before returning to school to study the arts and pursue teaching. Every art class became my favorite. If you were to look through my portfolio there would be photographs, calligraphy, print making, drawing, and painting, many types of 3d work, like wire sculptures, book art, fiber art and “Cornell like” boxes. I often experiment with mixed media. My artwork is often influenced by things I read or from my personal experiences and it is while driving alone, lost in thought that these influences flourish into concepts or ideas for new projects.

Creating artwork allows me to share my experiences and ideas with others and provide an opportunity for myself and others to view things from a unique perspective or lens. For this exhibit I chose the theme of “Finding Tranquility”. For me, the work selected, has a cyclical reflective feel. It allows the viewer to take a closer look at the simple things around them –zooming in and closing out the rest of the worlds’ distractions- finding a calm place in the chaos of the world around us.
I enjoy hearing how my piece may stir different thoughts and experiences from viewers. It continues to amaze me how different people can see the same piece of art and experience something different. I enjoy viewing it through other’s eyes and sharing in their interpretation.

So please look and enjoy! If my work touches you in some way, then I can consider myself successful.

Contact Info:
Phone: 845-855-1136