Thursday, March 30, 2017

John Supple Photographs on Display at Kent Public Library

I’ve been passionate about photography from an early age, bought my 1st camera at about 16 and started to learn as much as I could.  I always had a keen eye for hidden details and studied as many photographs as I could from the masters….

Worked (unpaid) in Dublin at a studio for about 2 years and then worked in Devon, England for a full year before selling all my possession to pay for a ticket to the USA…

It took a few years of hard work before I restarted photography and some years later I opened a studio in Houston, TX.  This was a great learning experience but my heart was not been fulfilled as I was getting burned out doing weddings, and boring old portraits. 

Closed the studio down and started to raise my 2 boys, 18 years later and I’m on a different track, tuned into a higher power and becoming clearer with my original intent, finding a new way of seeing and doing. Thanks to modern software, many people (such as myself) are realizing the ability to produce their visions that can come true with greater ease.

I intend to produce more work along the lines of questioning our existence, and more work tuned with old mythology and stories passed down from a bygone era.

phone: 914-261-4746

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Mary Smoot-Souter Paintings on Display at Kent Public Library

Mary Smoot-Souter
Fine artist

My art reflects my love of life; people, nature, simple everyday things that inspire me to move.
Compositional elements are found everywhere in the world; patterns in nature, unique proportions of human
anatomy, the portrait, gestural movement of branches and trees, the breadth of atmospheric perspective and
layers of air in space,....
Countless reasons creativity helps facilitate growth; architecture, musical composition and poetry. To move,
dance, paint,and play. This is what inspires me to be an artist.

Masters of Fine Art from the New York Academy of Art in New York.
Studied classical and contemporary art training from the model.
Painted with the late Millet Andrejevic and Xavier de Callatay amongst other noted Professors.
Andrew Warhol was on the Board of Directors in the late 80’s and Eileen Guggenheim is currently involved with
the Art History Dept. at the Academy.
Bachelor of Fine Art degree from Manhattanville College, Purchase, New York
Studied with Master Printmaker John Ross
NY Teaching Certification, Psch-hi Honor Society of Psychology
Graduated Cum laude.

Private Studies:
Frank Reilly Art Studio, White Plains, NY
Studied with Cesare Borgia (student of the late Frank Reilly from the Art Students League)
Private tutorial with Michael Aviano in new york city
Ecole a. Defois, le se qua sa passavant, Southern France Studied with Ted Seth Jacobs
New School for Social Research, New York City Milton Glazer (paperback illustration)
Richard Schneider (landscape artist) Barett House, Poughkeepsie
Andrew Lattimore landscape workshop
John McDonald landscape workshop

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Marionettes on Display at Kent Public Library!


Marionettes constructed by Mary Schreiber will be on display during the month of February at the Kent Public Library.  The marionettes are part of a series of “freedom fighter” puppets.  They are constructed from a variety of materials, including polymer clay, fabric, wood, yarn, and wire.  Recycled materials are used whenever possible.  For example, Pete’s banjo is a silver polish lid, Harriet’s turban had a previous life as a dishtowel and Susan’s boots once were a briefcase.

These puppets are all marionettes.  Mary also constructs puppets in other forms, including hand puppets, rod puppets, shadow puppets. Several years ago, along with a group of creative people, she formed a theater company, now known as Hawk Rock Theater.  This troupe combines puppetry, music, live action, and literature.  Their productions have included The Canterbury Tales, Tam O’ Shanter, and Beowulf.  Hawk Rock Theater is based at Arts on the Lake. For more information, visit

Friday, January 13, 2017

The 25th Anniversary of the Friends of the Great Swamp Quilt (FrOGS) will be  on display at Art at the Kent Library in January​​​​. Designed and made by four members of FrOGS, the quilt features twelve plants and animals that call the swamp home. Patchwork and fine needlework, colorful fabric scraps and sparkly beads were lovingly crafted to tell the story of an extraordinary place.

 The Great Swamp is New York State’s second largest fresh water wetland. It brings clean drinking water and flood control to communities in Putnam and Duchess Counties and provides habitat for hundreds of species, many rare or endangered.  The Great Swamp spans two watersheds, divided at Pawling into a north and south flow. To the north, it traverses the towns of Pawling and Dover via the Swamp River, then the Ten Mile River. It crosses into Connecticut, where it meets the Housatonic River and eventually flows into Long Island Sound.The south flow traverses the towns of Patterson and Southeast via the East branch Croton River, then it flows into Westchester via the East Branch, then the East Branch Reservoir of New York City's Croton Reservoir System, making the Great Swamp important headwaters for New York City's water supply.

The quilt will be exhibited through the month of January. The exhibit is sponsored by
the Friends of the Great Swamp. FrOGS is an all-volunteer non-profit organization that
works to preserve and protect the Great Swamp watershed through research, education
and conservation.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Kent Nature Almanac 2016 Photo Competition

Kent Nature Almanac
2016 Photo Competition

The winning images from the 2016 Kent Nature Almanac Photo Competition are now on display as Art at the Kent Library. The images highlight the beauty of nature in the town of Kent. They were chosen for artistic merit but also for evoking the joy of taking a closer look.
The Kent Nature Almanac, informal notes recording nature observations, is published monthly by the Kent Conservation Advisory Committee. To contribute your sightings and for more info visit:

The photos will be exhibited through the month of December. The exhibit is co-sponsored by the Friends of Kent Library and The Kent Conservation Advisory Committee.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Joann Zwolski Paintings on Display at Kent Public Library



Joann Zwolski works in a wide variety of mediums but in particular acrylics, and watercolor. She also creates painted collages. Her work visually expresses a passion for color, line and texture. The color red is her favorite color. Red symbolizes joy and happiness. Her palette is full of brilliant hues from a wide spectrum. Her line is a gestural line. Her work is inspired by nature. She combines both abstract and thematic elements in her work. 

Joann received her BFA from Pratt Institute and her MA from the College of New Rochelle. She has exhibited her artwork at several solo and group shows in the tri-state area and Delaware. She has taught art for over thirty years to students from kindergarten to high school at the Lakeland Central School District. Currently she teaches a drawing class to adults through Lakeland Continuing Education. She is on the Board of Trustees at the Putnam Arts Council in Mahopac, New York

Contact the artist at: