Monday, May 3, 2021

VIRTUAL DISPLAY - May Artist of the Month: Shelley Dell

Shelley Dell

Catching moments of beauty, observing sunlight as it changes and passes through and around objects is a fascinating thing to observe and try to catch on paper. I make images with watercolors and colored pencils on paper and very recently I have started exploring monoprints. I graduated from NYU with a degree in studio art. Studies include classes at The Art Students League, and The School of Visual Arts. My current projects integrate classic painting and drawing techniques with the digital world, images made with watercolors and colored pencils on paper attempting to record a few seconds of magic light. My work is in collections in the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom. Galleries where I have exhibited include 55 Mercer Gallery and 80 Washington Square East Gallery in NYC; I have been lucky enough to be selected to exhibit work in juried shows in the NY/NJ/CT area, some of my editorial illustrations have been featured in Forbes, Newsweek, and Scientific American. Currently I am working on a larger series based on "analemma" the declination of the sun and the equation of time for each day of the year.-- Shelley Dell

Rt 44 near Minnewaska
 water based media and colored pencils
DIMENSIONS 10.5"w x 9"h
looking for the light 1
mono print
DIMENSIONS 9"w x 6"h
PRICE $100.00
2020 Vision
water based media
DIMENSIONS 8” square 
Rainbow 06302020
 water color
DIMENSIONS 7” square
PRICE $250.00
Fair Isle Phone box
 water color and colored pencil
DIMENSIONS 10"w x 7.5”h
PRICE $300.00 

Burano Clothesline
water based media and colored pencils
DIMENSIONS 9.5"w x 7.5"h

To see more or to contact the artist:


Tuesday, April 6, 2021

VIRTUAL DISPLAY - April Artist of the Month: Maureen Winzig

Maureen Winzig

Artist Bio

In the ‘80’s, my studies began with illustration, design and commercial art at Pace University, NY.  Fine art, graphic art and web design came later at WCC, SUNY Westchester, NY.  I’ve studied privately from local masters learning different painting styles and techniques as well as portraiture.  I have had many other teachers and workshops along the way with continuous proliferation as my best teacher.

Being a member of several art associations such as the Peekskill Arts Alliance of which I was president, Ossining Arts Council, the Garrison Art Center and Tompkins Corners Cultural Center and more, has expanded my art world and experience considerably.  My work has been shown at many venues in New York, some of them being the Howland Art Center, the Katonah Museum, the Garrison Art Center, the Paramount Center for the Arts, Peekskill City Hall, Blue Door Gallery, Ceres Gallery and Skylight Gallery in Chelsea in NYC and have been represented at Gallery 66 in Cold Spring.  I’m proud to have my work in significant private collections as well.


Oils and watercolor are my forte.  Oils give me complete control when painting, especially with water, sky and portraits.  My land, waterscapes, and portraits are meticulous and bold working well with light and contrast.   With watercolor, I invite the medium to show its organic nature while controlling it when needed as well.  Working in these 2 very different mediums affects each other continuously spurring new ideas and techniques. 

My mission is to stay true to what I’m feeling as I paint and express it with boldness, intensity and light.  My purpose is to listen to my inner, “Woman on Fire” and to forever remain true to myself. 

Statement on Flowers in Watercolor

Painting flowers with watercolor in the dead of winter is one of my surefire ways to remember the promise of spring.  It’s like my carrot on a string held out before the stubborn donkey of cold dark days leading me back into the light of April and May.  Watercolor, if I let it, splays out so beautifully and creates its own gradients from dark to light.  And the colors practically mix themselves if you let them.  If you overwork and try to force your way with watercolor… you’re done… its ruined… like with most things of beauty and grace.  Be gentle, patient and free and you just might get a lovely watercolor.

Maureen Winzig
Studio ~ 105 S. Division St., Suit #208
Peekskill, NY 10566

Monday, March 1, 2021

VIRTUAL DISPLAY - March Artist of the Month: Ginger Manning

Solo show at the Live 4 Art Gallery, in Pawling NY

Ginger Manning 


The goal of my work is to capture the essence of a person, or subject, at a moment in time such that the gesture and atmosphere invite the viewer into that moment, for a shared intimate encounter.

 I grew in a home full of art and art materials. I was encouraged to experiment with papier mâché, paints, fabric - to design/make my own clothes, and to draw. There was always some school project that needed an artistic touch as well. I was encouraged to travel - and won a Rotary scholarship to spend a year in Japan, where I studied, among other things, calligraphy and kimono making at a Japanese high school. In college, I spent a semester in Florence, Italy studying art appreciation, history and philosophy, and then another year in Japan.

 After college, I worked in midtown Manhattan and in the evenings, after work, I attended art classes at several of the art schools there. At the Art Student League, I found my teacher under whom I would study portraiture every Thursday night for years- the brilliant, talented, wise, and generous Hananiah Harari.

​I have taught drawing at: Carmel Continuing Education; Brewster Continuing Education; the Putnam County Arts Council; and at Trinity Pawling School, as a substitute teacher, when the permanent teacher was on sabbatical leave. Prior to the pandemic, I volunteered at the Holmes Whaley Lake Civic Association to coordinate models for our drawing/painting group, and I am appreciative to have had that opportunity. These models were patient, creative, and worthy to be captured in moment that will last for all time. I am also grateful to have drawn with a dedicated, talented, and generous group of artists. 

In November, 2020, my dream to exhibit portraits I painted/drew over the years of people of local folks came true with the exhibit People of Pawling at the Live4Art Gallery in Pawling, NY. 

I am honored have my work on the Kent Library website this March, 2021.

Please see more of my work on my website – 

Fluffy on Pink - Oil on canvas 16 x 20

Ilona - pastel on paper - Pastel on paper 16 x 20

Jane - Pastel on Paper - 19 x 19

Travis - Oil on canvas - 11 x 14

Vicki - Pastel on Paper - 15 x 24

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

VIRTUAL DISPLAY - February Artist of the Month: Mr. Charles Lazarus

Mr. Charles Lazarus

Artist Statement

I first came upon the idea of keeping Time magazine covers in the early 1970’s.  Much was occurring throughout the world.  Here in the US, we had the Vietnam War and the Watergate investigation.  Every week I thoroughly read Time magazine because as a doctoral graduate student, I did not own a television and the local paper was insufficient, so a reduced rate Time magazine for college students satisfied my needs.  

I continued collecting these covers until about 2000, when family, work, internet and the NYT fulfilled those needs of staying current with social and political changes here and elsewhere.

History and awareness are still among my favorite interests.  Creating a montage of historical events using news magazine covers can inform and stimulate an individual to look further into a particular person, place or event.  

Many young people are unaware of our recent American and world events.  These posters describe the civil, political, educational, moral, environmental and yes, sporting events that have shaped our culture as Americans.

For more information contact Mr. Lazarus at

Monday, January 4, 2021

VIRTUAL DISPLAY - January Artist of the Month: DAWN WILLIS



"Although much of my recent work is mixed media, I have chosen to show only photographs here for continuity and cohesiveness."

"Unlike many artists, my desire is for the viewer to see what they see in my work, rather than dictate what I believe they should see. Hence my rather unusual titles."

"I would like to thank the Kent Library and Art Director, Jeanette Rodriguez, for giving me the opportunity to show my work in these challenging times." 


Photographer & Mixed Media Artist 

Dawn Willis studied photography, painting and printmaking at New York City’s School of Visual Arts. In 1970 she left SVA to travel to London, with writer Michele Hush, to photograph musicians for Circus Magazine and Jazz & Pop Magazine, among others. 

Upon her return to the US she began taking photographs that focused on our immediate surroundings. Things that most people would pass by without noticing.

Her photographs are notable for their strong sense of composition and the vivid, heavily saturated colors that blur the distinction between object and abstraction.

A self-proclaimed Polaroid Junkie, Ms. Willis also enjoys the various Polaroid processes, including Instant Image Transfers and photographs using the Polaroid SX-70 camera, which produces images that can be manipulated.

In addition to photography, her recent work has focused on using various mixed media techniques to create large abstract pieces, as well as pieces using cabochons, lace, found objects, and Steampunk cogs and gears.

From 2012 to 2015 Ms. Willis served as Art Curator for the Town of Southeast Cultural Arts Coalition's Studio Around the Corner in Brewster, NY. She also held the position of Director of the Studio's Visual Arts Committee.  Ms. Willis is on the Putnam Arts Council's Board of Trustees, as well as, a member of the Visual Arts Gallery Committee. Along with Executive Director & President of PAC, Joyce Picone, Dawn created CONNECT: a forum for visual artists.

In addition to being in private collections, her work has been exhibited at the Putnam Arts Council where she was the Featured Artist for over a year and a half along with a large mixed media piece in PAC's foyer, Arts on The Lake, the Front Street Gallery's Summer Invitational Exhibit 2016, Kine Buddies, the now defunct G.A.S. Gallery in Poughkeepsie, NY, and the Brewster Library. Before being named Art Curator, her work was exhibited in a solo show, 'The Edgy Side of Life', as well as group shows at Studio Around the Corner.  

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

December Artist of the Month: Donna Castelluccio Artwork on Display at Kent Public Library



Donna Castelluccio will be showing ‘TEXTILE TALES’ at, ART AT THE KENT LIBRARY, sponsored by Friends of the Kent Library. Dec 1. 2020 – Dec 30, 2020 during library hours. Each work tells a story in fabric collage.

Donna Castelluccio is a mixed media artist with fiber art being her latest love. She likes to use vintage materials in her books, vignettes, wall hangings and upcycled clothing.

I love texture so I love going through my bins of fabrics, laces and trims, it’s both visually and tactilely exciting. I like the design process and looking though my stash I find fabrics I like together or vintage pieces of clothing that suggest what they want to become. Its possibilities. I like that my work is different & unique.


Artist Statement

Donna Castelluccio is a mixed media artist with fiber art being her latest love. She likes to use vintage materials in her books, vignettes, wall hangings and upcycled clothing.

Donna has always led a creative life that has taken her in many directions.

Please visit to see more of her work.


Monday, November 2, 2020

VIRTUAL DISPLAY- November Artist of the Month: LINDA PENNACHIO


Linda Pennachio Fine Art

 Linda Pennachio is a professional New York based artist and technology professor who enjoys exploring the transparent beauty of watercolors, the rich, bold colors of acrylics and inks, pastels, and the freedom of using mixed media in her work. The addition of monotype printing has elevated her work to exciting new heights.  Incorporating technology into her process affords a richness of depth to her process.  Her work demonstrates her versatility and a daily commitment to an open exploration of the artistic process.

Linda has exhibited at the Oresman Gallery, Larchmont Public Library, for the show, ‘1968’, and has had a solo exhibition entitled, ‘A Brush with Nature’, in 2017, which was particularly rewarding professionally. An upcoming exhibition in 2021 will take place at the Oresman Gallery in Westchester.

Past exhibitions and shows include, the Beacon Public Library, Beacon, NY, the Reverie Café (solo show), Patterson, NY, The Book Cove, Pawling, NY, and the Front Street Gallery in Patterson, NY. 

A small sample of Linda Pennachio’s work can be viewed at The Village Frame Shop & Gallery, in Poughkeepsie, NY.  Her private gallery is open by calling ahead at 845-282- 0397, or emailing for mutually convenient showings.


"A Peaceful Moment" Acrylic, framed $375 

 "Kissed by the Sun" Watercolor, $350

                        "Magnolia" Watercolor, $275


                  "Marshland at Sunset" Pastel, framed $450


                    "Swimming with the Fishes" Watercolor, $250

                         "Swirly Rose" Watercolor, $275



Wednesday, September 30, 2020

VIRTUAL DISPLAY- October Artist of the Month: ED DABROWSKI



Ed Dabrowski was born in Rochdale, England, the son of Holocaust survivors who fled Poland after WWII. 

In 1978 Ed graduated from Forham University with a degree in journalism.  He didn't begin working in the visual arts until he was well into his fifties.

In 2013 he was introduced to the Art Curator of Studio Around the Corner in the Village of Brewster, NY, by a mutual friend. This meeting led to his first solo exhibit 'B Who U R'.

'B Who U R', which featured his large and vibrant works, was so successful he was asked back to do his second solo exhibit, 'Better Get Hit In Your Soul', at the Studio in 2016. 

In August of 2019 Dabrowski was invited to exhibit his work in yet another solo show, 'Rock It', at the Putnam Arts Council in Mahopac, NY.

In addition to his work being in private collections his work has been exhibited extensively in the area.



I was living in the Kingsbridge Heights section of the Bronx when graffiti stormed the art world.  I loved the wild exuberant energy I'd see on passing subway cars, random walls and public structures.

Somehow graffiti worked its way into my artist's psyche. Without being a graffiti artist I hope its influence is vividly channeled in my work.


For more information, contact Ed at or 845-821-4509