Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August/September Art at the Kent Library

Art at the Kent Library  /  August 1st-September 30th
Cats on Paper / Cats on Fabric

Artwork by Richard Harrison
Sewing by Kathleen Harrison

All art work in this display was created by using fabric/paper/markers/fabric paints and colored pencils.

Richard Harrison (rjamesharrison@cs.com) was an art educator in the Carmel School System for 25 years.  Previously he taught art in Nanuet NY, Scotia NY and London, England.

His work has been collected throughout the country.  Julie Newmar, a feline admirer, who played the 'Catwoman' in the Batman TV series, was a collector of his work.  

Come and enjoy this delightful two-month display featuring mixed media, sponsored by the Friends of Kent Library.