Thursday, February 28, 2019

Vincent Johnston Artwork on Display at Kent Public Library


After a long twenty-five year break I started painting again in 2014. Years ago I worked using mostly geometric shapes and frequently used only black and white paint. 

So when I started up again I initially went back to what I had been doing. That is, until an artist friend commented that I needed to add some color to what I was working on. At first I resisted, but soon was trying colors I'd never worked with before.

I also started to combine geometric shapes with heavy body acrylic paint that I would "mush" with balled up aluminum foil. These pieces showed the influence that Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock had on me.

In 2017 I was diagnosed with cancer and my work took a decidedly Pollock turn. I started doing what I call "splats". Some of these are done on canvas with just a background color and others are combined with geometric shapes. Working like this is very cathartic and powerful for me.

The pieces in this presentation are examples of my current work, and it is my hope that people viewing them will be able to sense the energy and emotion.

I'd like to thank the Kent Library and Jeanette Rodriguez for the opportunity to show my work, and welcome any feedback.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Seema Kapur Varma Artwork on Display at Kent Public Library

Name – Seema Kapur Varma
Show – The Color Gallery
Date – February 1 to 28
Email –

Artist Statement
It gives me great pleasure to share my artwork with the community. The feedback that I receive encourages me to continue to create more pieces. The exchange of ideas during any interaction can also influence other people to think outside the box which enables change, one person at a time.

My colorful, intuitive, acrylic on canvas paintings will be on exhibit at the Kent Public Library from February 1 to February 28. I challenge myself to a different style of painting each time. Therefore, the only unifying theme is color and hence the name of the show.

As well as being an artist, I am a poet, author, teacher, wife, mother, and founder of Saral Seva Trust. This is an initiative dedicated to helping people discover their true purpose in life and to help others in need.  I have self-published four books on spirituality and self-help. I have also self-produced a CD of Hindi poetry and songs.  I discovered my passion for painting in 2015 when looking for a unique artwork to be used as the cover of my first self-help book.  Inspiration flowed and I have now produced a body of work that I am is eager to share.  

I am thankful to the Kent Public Library who has given me this exposure and opportunity.
ART AT THE KENT LIBRARY, sponsored by the Friends of the Kent Library