Friday, May 6, 2011

Busy month of May ahead!

The Friends Annual Giant Book Sale
May 28th 9 AM- 5 PM and May 29th 11 AM -3 PM at the Kent Town Hall.

Spring is here which means our Annual Giant Book Sale will held again on
Memorial Day weekend, May 28th & 29th. As a Friend you are eligible for
early admittance to the sale (8:30 AM) on Saturday May 28th.

As usual we are looking for volunteers to help at this big event. If you
will be able to help, we need volunteers on Friday, May 27th for the set up,
Saturday during the sale and on Sunday for the sale and take down. If you
will be able to help - even one hour would be great - please contact Kaye
Baumat (845)225-3942 or her email

Thanks for your ongoing membership support...we just donated $5,000. to
the Kent Library for a new 55" television and various library programs. And
remember to view current activities by logging on the the Kent Library home
page and clicking on the Friends link at the top of the page.

See you at the Sale!