Monday, June 3, 2019

Bill Prickett Artwork on Display at Kent Public Library

Bill Prickett Artist Statement

I focus a great deal of attention on the relationship between color, time, motion and subject matter and regard my photographs as interactions and intersections.

In 2nd grade I noticed the color comics were printed out of register by mistake. At that point I discovered how the primary colors were supposed to overlap and blend together...but didn't. That would become the start of a lifelong fascination.

As a student, I loved the 70s album covers because they expressed the artist and music along with their interactions and journeys throughout their world.  The photography, graphics and color communicated everything...story, mood, emotion...tone. The album cover was the billboard and "home page" of the day.
Though I studied film and photography it was the Beatles and Rolling Stones that were the most absorbing. Steichen, Picasso, Godard and Rodin taught me aesthetics while John, Paul, Mic and Kieth taught me energy and style. My brain did the rest.

Over the course of the last decade’s technologies, my work has addressed it's surroundings both physical and non physical…always considering what gets put on social media as important as what is put on a wall. What goes into a frame is as important as what goes into a framework.