Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Richard Harrison Artwork on Display at Kent Public Library



Cats in art. From Egyptian wall art to the old masters’ portraits of cats on laps, or
at the feet of families, these amazing animals have been prominently displayed.
To this day the wonder of cats, their sense of independence, their loyalty, their
curiosity, their empathy, their mastery of movement and their incredible beauty is
appreciated by so many of us.

Having shared my life with cats over the past forty years I have drawn and
painted studies of cats and I always find it fascinating how they position
themselves in the right settings … finding the right ray of sunshine to bathe
themselves in or posing next to the right bouquet of flowers often following this
with a deep sleep (much deeper than a cat nap!)

This exhibit includes my most recent attempts at capturing their individuality,
mystery and beauty. I have experimented working on kraft paper (butcher paper)
because I like both the texture of the paper and the brown color as a starting

I use a multi-media approach … acrylic paints combined with Prismacolor pencils
and often graphite. I enjoy the fluidity of the paint which helps to create a sense
of spontaneity and the colored pencils work well for the details.

My professional background consists of being an art educator. I have taught in
Nanuet, Scotia, London/England schools and for twenty five years I was an art
teacher at the George Fischer Middle School in Carmel.

My art work can be found in many collections throughout the United States and

Contact: rjamesharrison@cs.com