Monday, December 3, 2018

Catherine Obi Artwork on Display at Kent Public Library

Catherine Obi Paintings 

Catherine works mostly in Acrylics, mixed media and some water color. The majority of  her work expresses a deep interest in spiritual figures, a curiosity of the divine, and capturing their etherial essence. She generally likes painting large scale pieces and often uses gold paint in many of her paintings which creates a decorative play on light.

She moved from the UK to the States for her career as a shoe designer, but spends most of her free time studying yoga and painting. She also loves painting  her multi cultural family, important family events and celebrations, capturing the essence of love and togetherness. She is drawn to painting the family in their traditional African dress, the bold colorful patterns of their outfits give a vibrant and joyous feel to the paintings and reflects the celebrations of an extended multicultural family. She can be contacted if interested in commissioning her.

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