Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Justin P. Goodhart Photographs on Display at Kent Public Library

I first started exploring the world of night photography in 2014 and I was very quickly drawn in by the creative possibilities that it offers.  “CARPE NOCTEM” features some of my latest works in night photography and consists of exposures that range from a few seconds to over an hour in length.  Many of my night photographs aim to capture the sense of the passing of time in a still image, something that I find very fascinating.  While others aim to “see” what is not always obvious to the naked eye.  I enjoy using night photography to explore our relationship to the universe and the continuum of time, while also, I hope, creating beautiful and captivating images. 
I grew up in the Adirondacks and have been fascinated with photography since a very young age and owning my fist camera, a Mickey Mouse 110.  After moving to the Hudson Valley in 2009 I started taking photography more serious.  It was during an overnight workshop on Bannerman’s Island that my love of night photography was born.

Justin P. Goodhart
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