Wednesday, July 1, 2020

VIRTUAL DISPLAY- Amy R. Brenner Pottery

Amy R Brenner:

I am a self-taught studio art potter with a strong color and design sense. I craft finely detailed ceramics that are decorative and functional. Displaying and using handmade clay objects enhances and enriches the experience of everyday life. Clay is earthy, basic and responsive material that is transformed by fire and my idiosyncratic human touch into unique works of elegance and substance. 

My studio is always open by appointment and accommodations are being made during the COVID-19 pandemic for the health and safety of everyone. Additionally my online shop is always open and can be found on my website: Don't be shy!

Animal Plates: Stoneware, underglazes, sgraffito, glazes. 6-9 in diameter. $40-95 each

Chicken vase. 9 in tall. Stoneware, slip, sgraffito. $225
Flower pot with liner plate. Stoneware, underglazes, sgraffito. 5 in tall X 9 in diameter. With or without begonia. $65-85
Highly decorated covered jars. Stoneware, underglazes, sgraffito, transfers, glazes. 2-3.5 in tall. $45 each
Jellyfish vase. 9.5 in tall. Stoneware, underglazes, sgraffito. $225
Highly decorated small pitchers. Stoneware, underglazes, sgraffito, transfers, glazes. 3-5 in tall. $35-40 each

Monday, June 1, 2020

VIRTUAL DISPLAY- Lori Adams Photography

Lori Adams
 Photo Credit: Will Giam

Lori Adams is commercial and fine art photographer based in East Fishkill, New York. She is known for her portraits of people (as well as flowers and agricultural architecture).
“Portraiture is a centuries’ old art form. Photography has updated the techniques involved, but the basic principles are the same: show the spirit of the people in a timeless way. My studies of light, lenses and composition have enabled me to elevate my images to a high level of technical and artistic achievement.”
Lori’s background in art, science and math has enabled her bold and distinctive style and her ability to put people at ease and feel good is reflected in the portraits. More of her work can be seen as
Contact Info: or 845-227-3775


Thursday, April 30, 2020

VIRTUAL DISPLAY- May Artist of the Month: Liz Crimi Olsson

Liz Crimi Olsson

Having grown up around art and artists, I have become a very visual person. Sometimes I think I see what others may not see. Very often I may be taking a walk or driving my car and my eye is caught by something beautiful. Something that I think will make a beautiful photograph or
painting or sculpture.
I come from a family of artists and sculptors, both professional and non-professional. As a child my mother took me to the many art museums in New York City and I fell in love with the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I always participated in special art projects in elementary school. I spent childhood summers in our little cottage in Lake Carmel where I sketched and painted the wildflowers, made outfits for my paper dolls, and taught myself needlework. I majored in art in high school and participated in several art projects. I majored in art in college where I studied sketching, life drawing, design, sculpture, and art history. The creative genes in me always found a way to surface…either by painting stage sets for community theater, needlework, making my own clothing, assorted crafts, baking, cooking, gardening, painting and wallpapering my home, directing the repainting of a Westchester railroad station, and as an active member of a town beautification committee. In my more recent years I have visited Italy and Sicily many times to revel in the art of the masters.  However, I never really learned how to “paint”.
I have always been attracted to the beauty of watercolor. I never had the confidence to take a watercolor painting class until I met an artist in a gallery who encouraged me to take the plunge. So I enrolled in classes at the Putnam Arts Council, the Westchester Community College Center for the Arts at the White Plains County Center, the Bronx Botanical Gardens, HRCE (Hudson River Community Education) in Dobbs Ferry. I have participated in many art workshops in watercolor, acrylics, calligraphy, and drawing at several public libraries.
I am a member of the Putnam Arts Council in Mahopac, NY and Arts-on-the-Lake in Lake Carmel, NY. I have participated in local group art shows and have sold some of my watercolor paintings.
I have fallen in love with the meditative aspect of painting which allows me to focus on my art and put all worries aside! Having  been bitten by the ”painting bug”, I hope I have enough years to paint all the beauty around me.


Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Vinny Johnston Artwork on Display at Kent Public Library

Vinny Johnston

In the spring of 2019 I started to photograph sections of my paintings done on canvas. I wanted to capture the energy and movement that I had in the paintings and hopefully make it more accessible for viewers. For some reason I started to add cut flowers to the mix. I really can’t explain how this happened, but I’m glad that it did. I then had the photos printed on metal. I think this process results in brilliant, rich color that is striking. The 16x24 prints in this exhibit are some of the early pieces from this latest journey.

All prints are priced at $300. If interested you can contact me at 845-549-2386