Wednesday, September 30, 2020

VIRTUAL DISPLAY- October Artist of the Month: ED DABROWSKI



Ed Dabrowski was born in Rochdale, England, the son of Holocaust survivors who fled Poland after WWII. 

In 1978 Ed graduated from Forham University with a degree in journalism.  He didn't begin working in the visual arts until he was well into his fifties.

In 2013 he was introduced to the Art Curator of Studio Around the Corner in the Village of Brewster, NY, by a mutual friend. This meeting led to his first solo exhibit 'B Who U R'.

'B Who U R', which featured his large and vibrant works, was so successful he was asked back to do his second solo exhibit, 'Better Get Hit In Your Soul', at the Studio in 2016. 

In August of 2019 Dabrowski was invited to exhibit his work in yet another solo show, 'Rock It', at the Putnam Arts Council in Mahopac, NY.

In addition to his work being in private collections his work has been exhibited extensively in the area.



I was living in the Kingsbridge Heights section of the Bronx when graffiti stormed the art world.  I loved the wild exuberant energy I'd see on passing subway cars, random walls and public structures.

Somehow graffiti worked its way into my artist's psyche. Without being a graffiti artist I hope its influence is vividly channeled in my work.


For more information, contact Ed at or 845-821-4509







Tuesday, September 1, 2020

VIRTUAL DISPLAY- September Artist of the Month: Annette Arroyo Morales





Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Annette Arroyo Morales has always been engaged in art. Annette attended the High School of Art & Design in New York City where she discovered her passion for painting. She then majored in art during her first two years in college. She further developed her skills while working as a painter of mannequins for high-end displays, a jewelry designer, a window displayer, and a corporate and events holiday decorator, but her true passion is painting.

The exploration of the universe, through the exploration of self, being in this world and being of it. Capturing in art, with art, our vision of what is; of what can be. From silence into light, painting as a representation of “The Artist’s Journey”.

A Limitless Palette, fed by the abundance set before us; the “Colors of Emotion” and the “Emotion of Color”. The profound depth of the sea; the immense expanse of the sky; the soft petal of a flower; the vibrant Hues of Love, all Alive in Colors, waiting to be dipped in, and spread across the canvas. A moment captured and held, a vision born into reality.

Today, Annette Arroyo Morales continues exploring and creating art, embedding in the strokes of paint, the observation of the life that surrounds us.  Her art has become her outlet and creative journey of embracing uncertainty, the art of not-knowing… “The path at the tip of a paint brush, on the expanse of the blank canvas”.

Contact Annette at (954) 326-7865 for more information and/or commissions.



"KISS I - After 20 Years"
acrylic on canvas
16" x 20" inch
"Majestic Friendship"
acrylic on canvas
40" x 30" inch