Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Judith deToth Artwork on Display at Kent Public Library

Judith deToth lives in Carmel, NY.  After teaching 40 years in NYC and Westchester County, she wanted to follow her passion for art. A friend encouraged her to take art lessons. She has been painting with acrylics and oil for the past seven years, and currently exploring a new modality: Alcohol Inks.

Artist Statement
I fell in love with Alcohol Inks after taking a workshop with a local artist. After joining an AI group on Facebook, I started to develop new techniques for more interesting compositions.
Alcohol inks are very vibrant and transparent. They allow the artist to explore the ways colors blend, shade, splatter, float and flow.  They continually transform themselves; that’s the exciting part of working with AI.  As an artist, every piece I paint surprises me.
Alcohol Inks are ideal for use on non-porous surfaces – yupo paper, plastic, glass, metal, ceramic, acetate -- anything that allows them to float and spread on the surface until they dry.