Thursday, March 30, 2017

John Supple Photographs on Display at Kent Public Library

I’ve been passionate about photography from an early age, bought my 1st camera at about 16 and started to learn as much as I could.  I always had a keen eye for hidden details and studied as many photographs as I could from the masters….

Worked (unpaid) in Dublin at a studio for about 2 years and then worked in Devon, England for a full year before selling all my possession to pay for a ticket to the USA…

It took a few years of hard work before I restarted photography and some years later I opened a studio in Houston, TX.  This was a great learning experience but my heart was not been fulfilled as I was getting burned out doing weddings, and boring old portraits. 

Closed the studio down and started to raise my 2 boys, 18 years later and I’m on a different track, tuned into a higher power and becoming clearer with my original intent, finding a new way of seeing and doing. Thanks to modern software, many people (such as myself) are realizing the ability to produce their visions that can come true with greater ease.

I intend to produce more work along the lines of questioning our existence, and more work tuned with old mythology and stories passed down from a bygone era.

phone: 914-261-4746