Friday, July 8, 2016


My greatest desire while I work is to represent the beauty that is there.  The image arrangement must be presented in a way that is both acceptable to me as well as to others.
Working in nature brings me awareness of something already existing, something bucolic that has been created by a higher being, already done and willing to be shared.
Through careful attention, I let the scene and its elements inspire me.  Sooner or later, awareness of colors and shapes help me to determine what to sketch or paint.
Though drawing and still life bring me pleasure, there is nothing that fascinates me more than to be in touch with nature.  
I love to listen to the rushing waters of a creek or waves on a beach and to feel the breeze on my face.   
While on location and with great anticipation, I will set my pallet and begin to appreciate nature's colors and themes.  I become greatly inspired by the changing seasons as well as sun sets and clouds and leaves on a tree. 
All these and even more in nature motivate me to bring out a sense, a feeling, about those things I see.
Applying the paint on a canvas it is hard to describe the satisfaction it brings to me.
I am always fascinated with capturing little glimpses of what I perceive.