Monday, April 2, 2018

Barbara Lemischak Artwork on Display at Kent Public Library

Artist Statement

Barbara Lemischak

Having been interested in art and creative activities since childhood, I have experimented with watercolor and acrylic paints as well as Prismacolor markers and oil pastels. Painting provided me with a means to express my feelings of anger, fear and the inner longing to connect with a spiritual source.

My interest in the relationship between the body, mind and spirit, led me to explore a variety of spiritual traditions.  The concepts and practice of meditation, tai chi, Reiki  and shamanism have been influencing factors in my art as they offer an awareness of a flow of energy beyond the physical senses.

In May 2017, I participated in a “ Soul Painting ” class at Arts On The Lake and found a freedom for expression without a set of rules to follow. Eureka! A new door was opened.  After this class, I had the opportunity to join in several alcohol ink classes at The Front Street Gallery.

Creativity explodes as the alcohol inks seem to have a life of their own, pulling you into their creative energy flow.  Practicing the techniques taught, I am learning to work with the nature of the inks.  When painting, I let go of expectations and remind myself “ there are no mistakes ” as I move into a place of enjoying the process of creating.  Without limiting attachments to outcome, creation is moving through me and I experience a childlike wonder as the image unfolds. 

I displayed two alcohol ink paintings in The a Fall exhibition at Arts On The Lake last October and at Mahopac Library this past February.  What a life expanding experience it has been for me to step into this new adventure.