Friday, May 27, 2016

June Exhibit

Dayna Wenzel

"Nature Wall Sculptures"

"Dayna was born and raised in Los Angeles in an artistic environment. Her father was a commercial artist who had his studio on their home property, so Dayna grew up in his busy workshop.  Her mother was a talented seamstress & teacher who taught Dayna to sew at an early age. Their family spent many hours at the beaches, mountains and deserts which imprinted a love for nature, reflected in much of Dayna's wall sculpture work.

After studying Textile Design and Graphic Design at Cal State, Dayna moved to New York, and later to Paris, where she immersed herself studying master artists in the premier museums & galleries in these environs. Her artistic passion is focused on fiber & mixed media. Often combining 'nature made' with 'human made' objects, she strives to transform both into fresh, thought provoking & emotionally stimulating experiences for the viewer.

Dayna's belief in the importance of recycling & the offensiveness of encroaching consumerism are reflected in her work. She seeks to elevate found items & items from nature beyond the mundane. Her curiosity leads her to utilize diverse, non-traditional, & unexpected materials such as wasp nests & rusty barbed wire. She finds that the versatility of fibers allows for a great range of emotions to be expressed in her work."

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