Friday, March 4, 2011

March News from the Friends...

On Wednesday, March 9th at 7pm artist Franco Aureliani will give a talk on his current Kent Library exhibit Comic Book Art. With names like Tiny Titans and Shazam, the comic book superheroes of today as drawn by Aureliani are intensely colored, powerful, and fun. Storyboards and thumbnails as well as finished comic books by Mr. Aureliani will highlight the process and challenges of this narrative art. He will have comic books available for purchase. This exhibit is sponsored by the Friends of Kent Library.

Also, please keep in mind that March is the 2011 Friends of Kent Library Membership Drive. If you have not yet become a member, this is the time to do it - or if you are already currently a member, don't forget to renew! Individual dues for membership are $10/year. The Friends help the library by raising extra funds to supply needed equipment and support special projects and programs.

Please send dues to:
Friends of Kent Library
17 Sybil's Crossing
Kent Lakes, NY 10512

In addition, just a brief reminder that the 2011 Annual Friends of Kent Library Business Meeting will be held on March 29, 2011 at 7:30pm. This is an open meeting, all are invited to attend.

As always, the Friends would like to thank you for your generous support!

March Art Exhibit at Kent Library...

March 1-31, 2011

"Photo Visions" by Margaret Waage

A mixture of landscape and abstract photo illustrations make up the display. Working as a photojournalist, Waage produces feature "daytrip" assignments for the Republican-American newspaper and reports local news for the Southington Patch site.

Artist Statement:
"Visual storytelling helps me to recognize and understand the relationship I have to things, places, and most importantly people. It is looking through the lens that I see what seems apparent and on closer inspection, something more. A blossom is like poetry brief but everlasting. Photography is the tool I use to focus on what I describe as true wealth, that is of being in the moment.

Abstract work is made by finding a momentum within the space of a frame. Working with a photograph as the entry point, the image is edited using color and graphic patterns. The end results are 'abstract formulations.' It is up to the viewer to interpret the subject matter."